100 years of National Labour Inspectorate (Terms and conditions)

100 years of National Labour Inspectorate


Terms and conditions


  1. Aim:
    Award on the occasion of the Centenary of the National Labour Inspectorate, sharing the knowledge about Labour Inspectorate as the authority supervising the occupational safety and health.
  2. Organizers:
    National Labour Inspectorate (PIP) and Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK).
    Organized by radio clubs: SP2PBM, SP5KVW, SP6JIU, SP7PKI, SP9KJU.
    Patronage: Kielce District Labour Inspectorate (OIP Kielce), ŚOT PZK Kielce.
  3. Participants:
    All amateur club stations and individual radio operators as well as SWLs from Poland and abroad.
  4. Time:
    From the 3rd of November till the 10th of December 2019.
  5. Bands and modes:
  6. Requirements:
    To receive the diploma it is necessary to acquire:
    – 100 points – SP stations
    – 40 points – non-SP stations
    making QSOs with special event station:
    3Z100PIP, HF100PIP, SP100PIP, SN100PIP, SO100PIP

    For stations located in Poland it is mandatory to perform at least 1 QSO with every special event station, and for stations located outside of Poland at least 1 QSO with 2 different special event stations, in any mode. QSOs can be performed on any HF and VHF/UHF band, QSOs using repeaters are not valid. Every special station grants 20 points for a valid QSO.

    Every such QSO will be accounted once only for each callsign. Points are granted for QSOs performed during the period mentioned in §4, also during any contests taking place during that time. 

    SWLs can acquire the diploma on the same basis as radio operators.

    For radio operators, the diploma will be available in PDF format on the LogSP platform (https://logsp.pzk.org.pl/?page=award&id=80), and for SWLs it will be sent by email to the address provided in the application.
    QSLs are not necessary but welcome.
    The first 100 radio operators that fulfill the requirements, will receive the diploma in paper form.

    An application containing the SWL log needs to be sent to the following email address: ot03@qrz.pl up to 20th December 2019.

    All decisions of the diploma committee are final and not subject to further appeal. 

    Persons responsible for provisions of the regulations and settlement of disputes: Maciek SO5MAX, Piotr SP2JMR, Krzysztof SP6JIU, Hubert SP9MDY, Krzysztof SQ2JK, Jan SQ7LQJ.

    In case of disputes, the abovementioned committee has a final word.